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Female Health To Eat Healthy Food
Jun 09, 2017

Female health knowledge Daquan, eat five kinds of food

We all know that winter is suitable for nourishing season, so eat healthy food in the winter can help keep warm, because the winter temperature is low, women must do warm measures. Now there are a lot of friends will eat some warm and warm food, in order to protect the workplace health, the daily details of which foods can keep the cold? The following Xiaobian introduced five kinds of food, hoping to let friends live winter Oh.

1. Female health to eat oatmeal: to prevent depression in winter. Winter exposure to sunlight is relatively small, low levels of human serotonin, easily lead to winter depression. Women's Health A study found that whole grains such as oatmeal can help keep the level of serum serotonin and prevent depression. In addition, brown rice and fruit also help to improve mood.

2. Female health to eat walnuts: to prevent dry skin chapped. Winter prone to dry skin, itching or chapped. Walnuts and other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids help from the inside to prevent dry skin, this fatty acid can keep the skin healthy. In addition, salmon, flaxseed, olive oil and tuna also benefit skin health.

3. Female health to eat garlic: to prevent colds. Winter is a cold season, the UK a 12-week study of 164 healthy adult participants in the new study found that taking garlic supplements and placebo of the two groups of patients with cold cases were 24 cases and 64 cases The The reason is that garlic garlic can stimulate the growth of white blood cells, and enhance the body's anti-inflammatory ability. Carrots, Women's Health yogurt and oysters and other foods also have a certain degree of prevention of cold effect.

4. Women's health to eat zucchini: to prevent fat. In cold weather, people tend to eat too much. University of Bastille, the United States study found that more intake of dietary fiber helps to prevent the body fat. Zucchini and other foods rich in dietary fiber heat is relatively low, slow digestion, satiety longer, and thus can prevent excessive winter diet. Zucchini also contains carotene, beneficial to fight cancer and heart disease and other diseases. Women's Health In addition, vegetables, whole grains and beans also help to lose weight.

5. Women's health to drink chicken soup: help relieve nasal congestion. Nose blockage, poor breathing is the most common winter trouble. Chicken soup and other hot drinks can make breathing more comfortable, help to relieve the discomfort when the cold. A study by the University of Nebraska found that drinking chicken soup also relieves nose and throat inflammation. Chicken soup to add vegetables to help intake of more dietary fiber. Others to let the smooth food also includes fish soup, hot tea and so on.

This is the health of women can eat healthy food, I hope these food health methods can help white-collar workers, for the workplace women, there are many health methods of health, Women's Health but food is the most healthy and healthy Effective means of health. More food in the winter more food, I believe for the workplace in the winter tonic is good.