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Tips Of Collection And Culturing Lab Blood Culture Samples
Jun 26, 2018

Tips of collection and culturing lab blood culture samples

一. Collection of blood culture specimens

1, skin disinfection

     Disinfect the circle from the puncture point with a disinfectant solution. The diameter is 5cm and blood is collected after 30 seconds.

It is recommended to use iodine, chlorhexidine or iodophor as a skin disinfectant. The disinfectant needs sufficient time to ensure the disinfecting effect (1min iodine effect; 1.5-2min iodide effect).

Chlorhexidine has the same duration of action as iodine, but it does not have an allergic reaction, so it does not need to be wiped off after the venipuncture is completed, but it cannot be used to sterilize baby skin less than 2 months old.

2, the collection site

    It is recommended to collect blood specimens from peripheral veins, usually the cubital veins. Do not collect blood at the intravenous veins of intravenous antibacterial drugs.

It is not recommended to collect: 1. Arterial blood, because its diagnostic value is not greater than venous blood; 2. Intravenous catheters are often accompanied by high contamination rates. If blood must be taken from the indwelling catheter, another blood culture specimen should also be collected from the peripheral vein to help explain the interpretation of the positive result.

3, the collection time

1) Within 2 hours of chills and fever

2) Before using antibiotics

3) After 6-8 hours of medication or before the next dose.

4, the collection method

1) Check the flask for no leakage or rupture; the culture fluid is clear and pollution-free.

2) Remove the protective cap from the blood culture bottle, then use a 75% alcohol to sterilize the rubber stopper and dry for 60s.

3) Perform skin disinfection at the puncture site, operate strictly according to the skin disinfection procedure and wait for sufficient disinfection time, strictly aseptically, and do not allow hand veins to be used after skin disinfection, except with sterile gloves.

4) After taking the blood from the sterile puncture with a syringe, do not insert the needle directly into the blood culture bottle. Withdrawal volume: Adult 8-10ml, children 2-4ml.

5) Disinfect the rubber stopper of the blood culture bottle again and cover the protective cap.

6) Tilt the flask several times from side to side and mix the blood and broth.

二. The transport of blood culture specimens

  1. The collected blood culture bottles should be sent to the laboratory within one hour.

2. The blood culture bottle must not be refrigerated or frozen after inoculation. If it cannot be promptly inspected, place it at room temperature.