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Blood Culture And Disinfection Procedures
Jan 22, 2017

Important: preventing skin parasite contamination or environmental microorganisms is the key issue of blood cultures. Pollution caused by false positives increases the use of antibiotics in patients. However, in ideal of disinfection conditions Xia, still has 3%-5% blood training in the mixed has pollution bacteria, they from skin (epidermal Staphylococcus, and acne c acid Bacillus, and shuttle Bacillus is, and class diphtheria group) or environment (leather blue positive spore Bacillus is, and not moving Bacillus is), so for blood training positive statistics processing Shi, through will single times blood training growth leather blue positive spore Bacillus is, and Rod-like Bacillus is, and acne c acid Bacillus or solidification enzyme negative Staphylococcus of specimens considered pollution, A number of positive blood culture bottles to differentiate between pathogens and contaminating bacteria without too much help.