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Chinese Medical Science Award !
Apr 23, 2018


On January 26th, the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (2017) Awards Conference, organized by the Chinese Medical Association and co-organized by the Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, was held in Beijing to focus on the development of medical science and technology, stimulate innovation in medical personnel, and promote the transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements. The award-winning representatives, chief members of the sub-specialized branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the secretary-general, and representatives of the national medical workers attended the conference.

The Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award is one of the most authoritative awards in China's medical and health industry. Since its establishment in 2001, it has selected 1,369 cutting-edge medical scientific research achievements. In 2017, the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award adopted the quota referral method. According to the “Fair, Fair, and Open” assessment principle established in the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards Regulations, 86 of 222 scientific and technological achievements recommended by 149 organizations in the country were selected. The award-winning projects included 9 first-prize awards, 23 second-prize awards, 50 third-place awards, and 2 health management awards and 2 medical science awards.

SCENKER Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the Peking Union Hospital team promoted the “Building and Applying a Comprehensive Response System for Bacterial Resistant Clinical Laboratory” project and won the third prize of the 2017 China Medical Science and Technology Award after expert review. To curb the occurrence of bacterial resistance, and promote the rational use of drugs to make efforts!