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Clinical Microbiology Is A Science That Studies Microbes
Oct 18, 2017

Clinical microbiology is an important specialized course, which plays an important role in studying pathogen characteristics, diagnosing pathogens, guiding rational use of antimicrobial agents and monitoring nosocomial infection. In order to improve the teaching effect, the PBL teaching method has been practiced, which has stimulated the students ' interest in learning, and promoted the cultivation of students ' comprehensive ability and the establishment of creative thinking.

Clinical Microbiology is a science that studies the morphology, structure, Clinical Microbiology classification and life activities of microorganisms, including bacteriology, virology and fungi. is one of the basis of clinical medicine, to guide the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.

In order to meet the requirements of the new century on the quality ability and knowledge structure of medical talents, the paper makes a series of reform and practice in clinical microbiology and examination of the existing experimental teaching contents and curriculum system. According to the needs of medical and social development, Clinical Microbiology this paper analyzes the current situation in the teaching of Medical laboratory, and focuses on the reform and practice of clinical microbiology and laboratory syllabus, practice teaching system and textbook construction. The teaching reform of clinical microbiology and Laboratory experiment must take the innovation ability as the main line, Clinical Microbiology emphasize the knowledge, ability and quality education, persist in broadening the foundation and optimizing the training mode of professional talents, in order to cultivate the senior personnel with innovative spirit and pioneering ability.

Clinical Microbiology and examination is one of the important specialized courses in medical laboratory.

The use of powerful manual and automated technology, as well as comprehensive media and clinical diagnostic product lines, Clinical Microbiology to achieve rapid and accurate infection diagnosis, provide better patient care.

Clinical Microbiology Experiment Examination Four steps:

① isolated and cultured microorganisms from patient specimens.

② the microorganisms isolated from the specimen were cultured and identified.

③ for drug sensitivity test, interpretation and prediction Results Medical Education Network | Collection and collation.

④ phase analysis of drug susceptibility test, Clinical Microbiology predict drug resistance trends, monitor and guide clinical rational use of drugs.