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Clinical Microbiology Is Highly Applicable
Jul 18, 2017

Clinical microbiology is a science that studies the morphology, structure, classification, and life of microbes, including bacteriology, virology, and mycology. Is one of the foundations of clinical medicine to guide the diagnosis, Clinical Microbiology treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.

Clinical microbiology is a bridge between basic and clinical subjects.

What are the tasks of clinical microbiology testing?

① to study the pathogenic characteristics of infectious diseases; ② to provide fast and accurate disease

The original diagnosis; ③ guide the rational use of antibiotics; ④ monitoring hospital infection.

Basic tasks of clinical microbiology:

① study the specimen collection, delivery and preservation methods, Clinical Microbiology as well as the treatment of specimens to improve the detection rate of the relationship.

② the detection method of pathogens of various infectious diseases, the selection of the best methods, the identification procedures of various pathogenic microorganisms and the identification process of bifidobacteria, quality control.

③ the rapid diagnosis of various pathogenic microorganisms, Clinical Microbiology automated equipment and the use of micro-system.

④ the implementation of international standard operating procedures and methods to do antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

⑤ results analysis, evaluation of experimental methods and clinical significance.

The tasks of clinical microbiology tests include: 1 study of pathogen characteristics of infectious diseases: 2 provide rapid and accurate pathogen diagnosis; 3 guide the rational use of antimicrobial agents; 4 to monitor the hospital infection.

Clinical microbiology is a practical, highly applied discipline, Clinical Microbiology which combines the clinical medicine, pathogen biology and immunology, clinical antibiotics and hospital epidemiology and other aspects of knowledge and skills. According to the characteristics of this course, the curriculum backbone classroom to strengthen the quality of education, training students innovative spirit and practical ability for the purpose of improving the quality of teaching as the center, from the teaching methods, teaching content, Clinical Microbiology performance evaluation system and other aspects of the curriculum reform , After five years of teaching reform and practice to establish a student for the learning subject of the teaching model, to build a suitable for contemporary college students desire, advocating individuality, lively personality characteristics, Clinical Microbiology and conducive to student personality development and innovation awareness of the diversity Assessment system greatly promoted the improvement of the overall quality of students.