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Clinical Microbiology Is The Main Course Of Medical Testing Technology
May 18, 2017

Clinical microbiology is one of the core backbone courses in medical testing technology. Mainly teach the common biological characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms, clinical significance and test methods,Clinical Microbiology  bacterial susceptibility testing of antibiotics and nosocomial infection. Through clinical microbiology so that students can master the basic skills, familiar with the identification of common pathogenic microorganisms, infectious specimens can be rapid and accurate pathogen diagnosis, and the correct analysis of the results, to make a test report.

Clinical microbiology standard clinical microbiology laboratory hardware and software construction, the Chinese Medical Association test branch of the microbiology group and the State Environmental Monitoring Commission Clinical Laboratory Center experts to discuss the development of this consensus.

Optimize your clinical microbiological work through this solution

The use of this powerful manual and automated technology as well as a comprehensive culture and clinical diagnostic product Clinical Microbiology line to achieve rapid and accurate infection diagnosis, to provide better patient care. T Clinical Microbiology has more than 150 years of experience in science and technology and has now become a partner in leading microbial laboratories.

Take advantage of high performance automation and manual inspection of products to meet your susceptibility testing (AST) requirements to help patients ensure the most appropriate treatment plan. The Our drug sensitivity products designed to users for the purpose, is committed to providing accurate, reliable and consistent experimental results.

Clinical Microbiology uses biochemical, Clinical Microbiology immunological, automated or semi-automatic microbiological identification solutions to correctly guide patient management to meet your needs - choose to be controlled by you.

Use your trusted immunoassay kit to detect serotypes, agglutination factors and distinguish between different toxins. Through the biochemical spot test, identification of slats and software to accurately identify the important medical cells (from Enterococcus to Staphylococcus).Clinical Microbiology Reduce secondary testing with fast, reliable ELISA and side-flow immunochromatography to reduce the use of non-essential antibiotics and lead the right treatment. Automated and customized solutions enable automated identification and susceptibility testing.

Microbiological identification is easier and you can complete an accurate, simple, fast and convenient identification of bacteria, viruses and fungi in one place.