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Clinical Test Experience
Jan 05, 2018

Syphilis screening test, in the presence of dilution before the phenomenon must be replaced when the tip.

Electrolyte determination, if the high blood potassium, calcium is very low or even negative, to check whether the specimen is anticoagulant, EDTA-k2 may be anti-coagulation, some nurses wrong blood will blood routine blood down Into the biochemical tube.

Individual women in the menstrual period hormone levels, resulting in urine pregnancy test weak positive.

Urine microscopic examination process, a small piles of crystals can not be determined when the phosphate or urate, you can refer to the urine PH value, the former generally slightly sour than the latter.

Acid-resistant stains are not necessarily positive for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, such as leprosy can also be positive!

Gram-negative diphtheria is not necessarily Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

If there is AST in the liver function test, ALT is very low, only about a few units, the instrument just does not automatically dilute, consider the substrate depletion.

First to do B postpartum urine pregnancy test, prone to early false negative. Prompted the patient, the best morning urine, urine check first pregnancy, after doing B-.

Blood routine thrombocytopenia, pay attention to see the histogram.

Platelet false reduction, repeated testing, smear staining, manual counting, re-select anticoagulants.

Hemoglobin and red blood cell count generally have a general ratio, if not consistent with the big difference, to see if the other three indicators are consistent, the average volume of red blood cells (MCV), average red blood cell hemoglobin content (MCH), average red blood cell hemoglobin content (MCHC ).

Platelets can also be falsely increased, encountered red blood cell interference, or red blood cell debris.

Wet test strips tend to make nitrite false positive.

Blood amylase increased, serum calcium decreased. Pancreatitis into the peritoneal lipase role, so that the omental, peritoneal adipose tissue is digested, broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, the latter combined with calcium as insoluble fatty acid calcium, and thus serum calcium decreased, such as serum calcium <1.98 mmol / L (8mg%), then prompted a serious condition, the prognosis is poor.

Biochemical tests inexplicable cause of GGT, or ALP increased a lot, to guard against tumor metastasis.

Late hepatitis can occur enzyme separation phenomenon.

Albumin less than 30g / L, prone to ascites.

HCG tumor patients can also be false positives.

Hepatitis B surface antigen positive, need to consider a lot of false positives may. In order to more accurately grasp, it is best to check two and a half of hepatitis B, or to confirm and confirm the experiment.

Vulvar disinfection of urine culture has a great impact, too much disinfectant mixed with urine specimens, inhibition of bacterial growth, false negative results.

CA125 is secreted by stimulation of peritoneal mesothelial cells, suggesting the presence of fluid rather than the presence of a tumor.

Quality control of indoor quality control, lead to the quality of the experiment, it is recommended to repeatedly freeze-thaw, it is best to small package, once used.

Blood tests, especially finger blood collection, should be stable in the anticoagulant tube for about 2 minutes so that anticoagulation and then use the instrument to detect, or prone to false monocytosis.

When testing TB / DB specimen to avoid direct sunlight, not long on the light.

Ferrous iron assay iron ion, heparin can cause false increase, if the anticoagulant with heparin or blood order will lead to iron ion results increased.

HCV antibody testing, inconsistent detection of different manufacturers kit, the possibility of false positive high, be careful!

The use of portable blood glucose meter to detect blood glucose is mostly by the patient's own operation, need to pay attention to the blood sampling site should be non-dominant fingertips, instrument calibration and quality control is very important, need to use calibration strips (or new instruments can lose numbers) Open a new bag of test paper to be recalibrated.

Lipid analysis

TC = LDL-C + HDL-C = TG / 2.2 in mg / dl or TC = LDL-C + HDL- C = TG / 5 in mg / dl

The following is not appropriate:

There is CM in the blood

2. TG> 4.52 mmol / L (400 mg / dl)

3. Abnormal serum lipoprotein.

APOAI and HDL-C showed a significant positive correlation, APOB and LDL-C was positively correlated.

Hs-CRP is actually testing CRP, the difference is the sensitivity and detection range.

BUN and CRE were positively correlated, BUN * 15 = CRE (normal population)

HBDH in myocardial enzymes for the LDH isoenzyme, the sum of LD1 LD2 activity

CK-MB is CK isozymes

In general HBDH <LDH, CK-MB <CK, if the former was significantly increased, the latter normal or reduced, is the substrate in the depletion, to be diluted!

HCG and progesterone normal pregnancy will be increased, if the HCG increased progesterone increased little care eutopic pregnancy or pregnancy failure!

The normal Ca and P multiplied by 35-40mg / dl (about 2.6mmol / l)

Hyperthyroidism, renal insufficiency, Ca increased!

Platelets <50, immediately observe the specimens have no coagulation. Sys mex KX21 dilution mode, the opportunity to thrombocytopenia immediately after blood collection! Worth noting! Should be placed on the machine for some time.

Platelet smear, if the distribution is more uniform, observed 10 oil field of vision, the normal average number of platelets per field is 10 (range 5 to 15), multiplied by 20 × 10 ^ 9 / L.