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Female Health To Develop A Good Sleep Habits
May 18, 2017

Female health, refers to a variety of ways through the health of women's health, enhance physical fitness, prevention of disease, so as to achieve longevity of a medical activities.

In short, women's health health, is "to protect women's health, life" means. But life-saving security of the words, not only did not earn but would lose money. Women's Health The following these women healthy health taboo, you must look.

Women's health can not be old

Many people believe that women's health is a woman's old thing, young people do not need healthy health. In fact, women's health to start from the baby, as the machine to be new from the maintenance. Once the parts are detrimental, women's health is too late, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Female health can not be sick only to raise

Many people do not check the disease, sick to see a doctor. In fact, women's health should be the main prevention, usually should be regularly checked, regular maintenance.

Female health can not be hungry before eating

Many people do not eat breakfast or eat on time,Women's Health the reason is not hungry. Physiology tells us that food in the stomach after 4 to 5 hours after all emptying. Feel hungry when the stomach has begun to "digest" the stomach sticky, is the essential health of women health care material basis.

Female health can not be thirsty to drink

Usually do not drink water, thirsty water, Women's Health is the habit of many people. In fact, the role of water on human metabolism is more important than food.

Feel thirsty, indicating that the body has been water to a certain extent. Clinical found that people who do not drink water, suffering from constipation, urinary tract stones will be significantly higher than the probability of drinking water habits.

Female health can not be fat only reduced

Excessive eating, overnutrition, lack of exercise is the main cause of obesity, these are preventable.

Nowadays, many people do not control the diet, big fat everywhere, a fat easy to disease. Moreover, there is no ideal weight loss drug come out. Therefore, weight loss as fat, Mo do fat and then reduce their own pinch their own stupid things.

Female health can not sleep before sleep

People's life about 1/3 of the time, is spent in sleep. Sleep is an important physiological process in metabolic activity. Only to develop a good sleep habits, Women's Health to ensure that no less than 7 hours a day to sleep in order to maintain the normal operation of the biological clock.

But some people are not on time to sleep, but unrestrained, do not sleep without sleep, and even sleepy also insisted on. This is not conducive to the protection of the brain, more likely to cause insomnia, the long run, damage life.