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Female Health To Eat Green Food
Aug 22, 2017

Women's health is everyone must pay attention, because women in society is to occupy a very obvious social status of the crowd, and women's health and life are some of the details are closely related, many people do not know how to maintain the health of women , Then, what are the common sense of women's health need to pay attention to it? What should women pay attention to? Xiaobian together to understand the health of women under the knowledge of it!

Female health for the impact of women is great, in the spring when women are the best season for health, Women's Health so we have to seize this good time. Female health, diet is very important.

Female health knowledge

01, take the stairs

It is best to take the elevator, take the stairs. Climbing stairs is a very good form of exercise that is good for cardiovascular and can also improve your leg muscles. In addition, the abdominal muscles will get exercise.

02, to maintain the correct walking position

To maintain the correct walking and sitting posture, the health is very useful; Women's Health many people have developed a lazy bad habits, some bad posture will lead to back spasms and headaches and other illnesses. Please relax your shoulders while walking, keep your neck upright, pelvic nerves, chest and abdomen, Women's Health so you will look bigger and feel better about yourself.

03, often stretched around the neck

Every day the best gently stretched his neck, a lot of chronic headaches are due to neck junctions and nerve damage caused by, and people keep sitting for a long time, Women's Health but also the most likely to cause such damage. Try to lower the chin, against the chest, so that the ears below the shoulders, this can help you prevent or reduce headaches.

04, clever exercise

If you only know in the gym only ruthless, it is best not to waste time. In general, only one of the ten people to understand the correct fitness methods, Women's Health the vast majority of people exercise seems to just let their own fatigue, this method is very easy to hurt, and little harvest, it is best for their own exercise methods

05, more riding a bike

People should ride more bicycles, to speed cycling, Women's Health on the improvement of heart and lung function is very helpful, there are special effects on weight loss. Conduct a correct assessment.

06, walk for half an hour

Try to walk four to five times a week, every three to forty minutes, which is very useful for the body, regular activities contribute to good health, but also has the effect of weight loss. Women's Health No need to spend huge sums of money to participate in health club, just buy a pair of comfortable shoes to wear on the line. editor.

07, eat breakfast

Maybe before you do not eat breakfast, Women's Health but now please do not like this. Eat some porridge or cattle in the fork up imitation \, they can slowly release the sugar, so that you will not be before lunch, you feel empty stomach.

08, eat more organic food

People should try to eat more organic food, Women's Health even organic rhizome vegetables Ye Hao. These foods are very good for good health, easy planting, low cost, taste is also good.

09, eat walnuts

We should eat walnuts, its low fat content, is the best nuts food. Recent studies have found that eating walnuts can extend life expectancy for five to ten years. They can protect the heart and lower cholesterol.

10, drink less carbonated drinks

Dentists warn that it is best to drink less carbonated beverages because the acidic substances in these beverages will slowly corrode the tooth surface protective layer, Women's Health which is a common phenomenon in children because many parents think that carbonated drinks will not Any harm to the teeth. Juice also contains acidic substances and fructose, so it is best to drink before, first with two-thirds of the water diluted about.

11, eat more fish

Eat mackerel, sardines and salmon and other deep-sea fish is the best, Women's Health twice a week to eat twice is appropriate Fish oil found in Omega3 long chain fatty acids, seems to be disease-free, for arthritis, dementia, skin diseases are good. If you need to stay up late, it is best to eat more fish oil.

12, eat more acid yeast

Every morning it's best to eat bread with cheese. Cheese is rich in folic acid, which is a vitamin B that can solve problems such as anemia and intestinal diseases. Consider pregnant women should take folic acid more because it can help prevent certain diseases during pregnancy.

13, eat more green food

Increasing the intake of minerals "selenium" protects the body from cancer and immune system disorders because selenium is very effective in removing carcinogens in the blood. Women's Health Deep green leafy vegetables and root vegetables are rich in selenium elements, but unfortunately most people in their daily lives, are rarely eat these vegetables. We need to remember that Sibu is the best way to tonic.

14, add more vitamin C

It is recommended that you take a thousand milligrams of vitamin C every day, Women's Health so you can keep plenty of physical strength throughout the day, but also less cold.