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Female Health To Regular Physical Examination
Jun 22, 2017

Do not think that this is not important, oral health to ensure that women's health, but also pay attention to the choice of toothbrush, if your teeth are sensitive, you can choose more soft brush teeth, if your teeth are relatively hard, solid, And easy to turn yellow teeth, it is suitable for the selection of bristles hard toothbrush, to develop the habit of brushing your teeth at night, do not eat food after brushing, Women's Health female friends can regularly to the hospital scaling, so that bacteria can be blocked in the mouth outside, to avoid Gingival atrophy.

2, female health to clear bowel discharge will be

Women intestinal unhealthy, often constipation is a major reason for aging, want to discharge stool and body toxins, we must develop good bowel habits, to maintain a day of normal defecation, Women's Health eat open food, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, celery , Eat junk food, regular drinking water.

3, female health to do skin care work

Skin care for female friends is an indispensable work, want the skin is not so fast old, it is necessary to take care of it, dry skin should pay attention to moisturizing replenishment, but also for many young women suggested that oily skin to control oil, sensitive Skin care should pay attention to the selection of skin care products, and more can choose pure plant.

4, female health to do more aerobic exercise

Women can do more exercise to speed up the body fat decomposition, increased cardiac contractility, blood flow, the body's metabolites excreted, can enhance the body resistance, anti-aging, Women's Health women are suitable for exercise, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming , Aerobics, ball games and so on.

5, female health should pay attention to diet

Want to beauty beauty, the skin is not easy to aging can not ignore the diet, eat alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, soy products and seafood, these substances can improve the acidic body, reduce lactic acid, urea for skin damage, Vitamins and minerals, to prevent the oxidation of subcutaneous fat, enhance the epidermis and dermal cell vitality, to avoid premature aging of the skin.

Women have to be beautiful health, Women's Health do not want to let the youth so fast, do these small things, so that the body to maintain a young state.

The body is the capital of the revolution, only to have a healthy body to bring happiness and healthy life to the family! Women are born weak, usually more to understand these maintenance knowledge, women's health needs from the usual bit by bit! Hope that the above Introduce these little knowledge of women's health, Women's Health can help you better care for women Oh, remember to share with friends around!

Female health knowledge encyclopedia which

1, regular physical examination

Women's gynecological diseases occur at any time, sometimes no symptoms do not mean no inflammation and disease, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, once found is late, so every year should be a formal physical examination, physical examination to go to the regular specialist hospital, Private clinics are not credible.

2, do not have multiple heterosexual partners at the same time

Premarital sex is now very common, because there is no marriage of some casual girls at the same time there are several boyfriend, Women's Health this will actually affect the health of women, but also easy to spread on other diseases.

3, underwear underwear alone wash

I have seen some girls socks save a bunch of pants save a bunch and then wash together on weekends, in fact, this is very unsanitary, especially with a washing machine underwear, underwear underwear alone wash, and hand wash will be more hygienic to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

4, pay attention to contraception

Women in the ovulation period of sexual life will be pregnant, then the impact of miscarriages on women's health is very large, most likely because of a miscarriage caused by life-long infertility, so before marriage was born must pay attention to contraception, fertility after the The baby will also be pregnant, so prenatal and postnatal care should pay attention to contraception, as long as you do not want to give birth to contraceptive work in the end. Contraceptive methods are best to choose condoms or contraceptive contraceptives to reduce the use of contraceptives, especially emergency contraception.

5, keep warm

Women's body itself is a negative constitution, most are cold constitution, women than men afraid of cold, but the girls are very little wear beauty, in fact, this is the impact of women's health, the concept of beautiful people To be removed, the winter girls prone to cold hands and feet, Women's Health then be sure to give yourself a pair of warm shoes, summer do not wear exposed umbilical equipment.

6, drink plenty of water

Say the woman is the water to do, the woman's body needs a lot of water to maintain the health of the body, the skin's elasticity, drink plenty of water is the most beautiful and healthy woman.

7, more exercise

Life is the movement, the movement will make people full of vitality, will increase the elasticity of the skin, will enhance the resistance to promote women's health, the majority of girls are very quiet and not love, which is one of the important factors leading to the frail girls.