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Female Health To Regular Physical Examination
Jul 06, 2017

Female health knowledge encyclopedia which

1, female health to regular physical examination

Women's gynecological diseases occur at any time, sometimes no symptoms do not mean no inflammation and disease, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, once found is late, Women's Health so every year should be a formal physical examination, physical examination to go to the regular specialist hospital, Private clinics are not credible.

2, female health should also have multiple heterosexual partners

Premarital sex is now very common, because there is no marriage of some casual girls at the same time there are several boyfriend, this will actually affect the health of women, but also easy to spread on other diseases.

3, female health to underwear underwear alone wash

I have seen some girls socks save a bunch of panties save a bunch and then wash together on weekends, in fact, this is very unsanitary, especially with a washing machine underwear, Women's Health underwear underwear alone wash, and hand wash will be more hygienic to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

4, female health should pay attention to contraception

Women in the ovulation period of sexual life will be pregnant, then the impact of miscarriages on women's health is very large, most likely because of a miscarriage caused by life-long infertility, so before marriage was born must pay attention to contraception, Women's Health fertility after the The baby will also be pregnant, so prenatal and postnatal care should pay attention to contraception, as long as you do not want to give birth to contraceptive work in the end. Contraceptive methods are best to choose condoms or contraceptive contraceptives to reduce the use of contraceptives, especially emergency contraception.

5, women should pay attention to warm health

Women's body itself is a negative constitution, most are cold constitution, women than men afraid of cold, but the girls are very little wear beauty, in fact, Women's Health this is the impact of women's health, the concept of beautiful people To be removed, the winter girls prone to cold hands and feet, then be sure to give yourself a pair of warm shoes, summer do not wear exposed umbilical equipment.

6, female health to drink plenty of water

Say the woman is the water to do, the woman's body needs a lot of water to maintain the health of the body, the skin's elasticity, drink plenty of water is the most beautiful and healthy woman.

7, women should exercise more exercise

Life is the movement, the movement will make people full of vitality, will increase the elasticity of the skin, will enhance the resistance to promote women's health, the majority of girls are very quiet and not love, Women's Health which is one of the important factors leading to the frail girls.