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Laboratory Automation For Drug Development
Jul 18, 2017

Laboratory automation is achieving efficient processing of tens of thousands of samples, the challenge being how to leverage "big data" and the current development-driven goal of standardizing data.

The material library consists of potentially active constituents of molecules that can be used for drug development and currently contain more than 100,000 of active substances. Lab Automation The lab robot builds these material pools based on a set of predefined rules. With the help of the laboratory automation system, the lab team uses the large processing capacity screening technique to perform the processing work in the scale of 10 000 samples per day. Ultra-high processing capacity screening technology was successfully developed in the early 1990s by Evotec with some international pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Novartis and Smith Kline Beecham. Lab Automation Using this technique, during the development of new drugs, the process can be performed at a rate of more than 100 000 samples per day during the active ingredient research phase. Each micro-titration dish can contain up to 3 456 holes, which facilitates efficient processing and archiving of automated systems. Since the 1980s, the laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS) has been in use, and it has been able to integrate the various lab workflows in the IT field, Lab Automation but the complexity of the lab IT system has been greatly enhanced with the improvement of automation levels. This increase in complexity is particularly noticeable when the automated workflow extends beyond the PC and microcontroller-based control of a single device. At present, the focus is mainly on process and data management as well as the laboratory management included.

Laboratory automation is one of the trends in the development of testing medicine, especially in me; laboratory automation system (LABORATORYAUTOM; ii. The characteristics of clinical laboratory automation; The ideal las should have the following characteristics: ① openness: not limited; section II automatic classification of clinical laboratories; 1, the definition of the whole laboratory automation (TLA) is a variety of analytical instruments;

Laboratory automation is one of the trends in the development of testing medicine, especially in the process of China's medical and health system reform, Lab Automation based on the establishment of universal health care system, a large number of medical needs are released, patients increased, specimens increased, laboratory automation can adapt to such demand, so in the past two years the domestic large-scale hospitals have introduced a fully automated pipeline.