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Laboratory Automation Is Widely Used In Bioengineering
Sep 22, 2017

Laboratory automation, also known as full automation refers to the clinical laboratories are related to each other or irrelevant automation equipment in series, Lab Automation constitute a combination of pipeline operations, the formation of large-scale full inspection process automation.

Laboratory automation to achieve the intelligent operation and management, modular design process, the flexibility of the layout of the table and the graphical interface of the operation; its powerful, simple and efficient, accurate and reliable experimental results, Lab Automation so that researchers out of the complicated experimental operation ; The standardization of the experimental process to reduce the establishment of human error, the escalating experimental operation and application makes the present and future a variety of experimental applications possible.

Laboratory automation can change the bench layout according to changing experimental requirements; replaceable countertops layout, escalating experimental operations and applications make possible present and future experimental applications possible. The Biomek software interface is intuitive and simple, Lab Automation whether you are an automated first-time user or an experienced expert, creating, editing, or running automated programs without effort.

Laboratory automation to achieve the operation and management of intelligent, modular design process, the flexibility of the layout and graphical interface interface, powerful, simple and efficient, Lab Automation accurate and reliable experimental results, so that researchers from the complex experimental operation, Establish a standardized experimental process, will be more energy into the experimental program design

Laboratory automation can be easily and accurately completed pipetting, gradient dilution, liquid separation and liquid and other liquid handling work to meet the changing needs of customers, is widely used in biological engineering, DNA plasmid purification, drug screening, ELISA reaction, PCR before Treatment, DNA sequencing, Lab Automation clinical test sample processing and blood cell system high-throughput sample analysis.

The process of laboratory automation can effectively reduce the error of man-made operation, improve the reproducibility of the experiment, reduce the cost of sample processing in liquid handling and so on, Lab Automation and satisfy the extensive demand of current and future scientific research.