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Women's Health Before Bedtime Warm Feet
Jul 28, 2017

In the long winter, many women often have cold feet, lack of blood and poor complexion. Women's nature is afraid of the cold, especially the three-inch part of the navel, women's health should be supplemented by sufficient blood, cold warmth, aftercare mood and so on.

Women's health has their physical characteristics


Women have a strong blood, people will look young, healthy. In women's life has menstrual, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation four processes, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth are related to blood, Women's Health so that women to blood-oriented. "Keep a fine blood, retain a of youth." The skin of a woman with plenty of blood is red, elastic, and wrinkle-free. On the other hand, will face chlorosis, have dark spots, chloasma, or dizziness, fatigue fatigue, palpitation insomnia and other problems, menstrual disorders, limbs paralysis and other diseases are born.

Women's health is rooted in kidney

A woman's second physique is rooted in the kidneys. Women in 21~30 the most fertile function, from the age of 35, ovarian reserve function decreased, 37-year-old ovarian follicle accelerated atresia, 40-year-old began to decline the function of the ovary. Women should pay attention to kidney qi and replenish qi and blood in every age. Kidney is the whole process of dominating female's growth, development, reproduction and aging. Women's Health To fill the kidney qi and blood. Kidney Qi is not enough female complexion gloomy, orbital swarthy, backache backache, dizziness tinnitus, especially heel pain. Kidney deficiency female uterus mammary gland development is bad, cause infertility. The most vigorous female kidney qi is also the most fertile function.

The mood is changeable

A woman's emotional variability is a physiological trait. When menstrual cramps, Women's Health due to endocrine changes, will cause some changes, so there will be anger, worry, thinking, fear. But if this variability affects life or work, it needs to be adjusted. Chinese medicine said "Happy sad", Women's Health such as mood change too big, can cause disease.

Women with healthy menstrual issues

Menstruation should not use cold water bath shampoo, female menstrual wash head will hurt the kidney, into the cold, if you want to wash, you can boil a little ginger water. Women's Health It is not suitable for swimming, rain and drifting.

Women need warmth most, especially three inches below the navel. Women's Health More afraid of cold women can moxibustion around the navel, before bedtime hot water bubble feet is also a good choice.

Proper consumption of foods with warm and cold, such as ginger, fennel, cinnamon, beef and mutton, walnuts and so on.

The women of Qi and blood do not usually strenuous exercise, to avoid a lot of exertion, to prevent excessive consumption of body vitality. Can take a proper walk, more food intake of fish, eggs, milk and other high-quality protein.

Female health before bedtime warm feet, can enhance the beauty effect.