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  • Advanced Automated Liquid Handling System

    Advanced Automated Liquid Handling SystemAutomated Liquid Handling System released in 2015 features complete functions, good performance, cost efficiency in delivering inoculum for 96-well plates. The system provides four dosing patterns including custom dosing pattern to satisfy users' need.Read More

  • High Performance Automated Staining System/Slider Stainer

    High Performance Automated Staining System/Slider StainerGram staining as basic test technology in any size lab has made great contributions to identification of microorganism. The automated Gram staining system has good repeatability, low rate of false positive and false negative.Read More

  • Semi-automated Microbial Identification System

    Semi-automated Microbial Identification SystemBased on latest microbial classification scheme, Semi-automated Microbial Identification System provides rapid and accurate species-level identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) of pathogenic microorganism isolated from animals.Read More

  • Labstar Automated Blood Culture Systems

    Labstar Automated Blood Culture SystemsLabstar Automated Blood Culture Systems are designed to accurately detect microorganism including bacteria and fungi from blood and sterile body fluids. The instruments with various capacities can provide reliable, versatile and cost-effective blood culture solutions for any size laboratories with different needs.Read More